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Josie Nanfara-Grande

Josie Nanfara-Grande is a Special Education Specialist who has been teaching in the TDSB for over thirteen years. She is passionate about increasing student engagement and independent learning skills through the use of digital technology.

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    I took in a webinar some months back given by the CTO of Katy ISD, and independent school district in Texas. They implemented a 3 year program to get all stakeholders onside in order to implement BYOD district-wide. I found it to be a very useful roadmap as money is only one of the challenges to be faced when starting an initiative like BYOD. 
    One of the docs they developed was a guide for parents. Here is a link:http://www.katyisd.org/parents/Documents/Wi-Fi%20Guide.pdf

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    rlorwayThanks for sharing this link:http://www.katyisd.org/parents/Documents/Wi-Fi%20Guide.pdf
    As a teacher, I appreciate the clear communication this document offers to parents of children involved in BYOD. Parents are certainly very important stakeholders in the BYOD process!

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    ElecBrains EdTechExposed our nathanrbloewen’ thoughts RE that: http://seminariumblog.org/general/semtrends/byod-classroom-smartphones-may-change-teach/

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    Seminariumblog ElecBrains EdTechExposed & the BIG Q: Are your teachers comfortable and confident w/ a technology rich/diverse classroom?

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